01May 2017

What is a credit union? Sometimes people think of Credit Unions as a few kind volunteers counting money at the back of a church hall. Some are that small, but actually there are over 56,000 credit unions in the world across 103 countries with a combined membership of 208 million people. In Ireland, which has […]

21Jul 2017

With the registration plate changes on the 1st September we are coming up to the time of year when dealers are looking to clear their forecourts and used car owners are deciding on whether to buy that brand new car they’ve always wanted.  Many of these will be trading in and buying in a part […]

06Sep 2017

So you are off to buy a new car. You’ve spent a decent amount of time researching the make and model, the cost and where you would like to buy your new wheels from. You’re feeling confident that you’re research is complete and you will walk away with a good deal. What most people fail […]

24Oct 2017

With limited weeks until you’re donning that classic Christmas jumper and watching Home Alone for the umpteenth time, the financial realisations could be beginning to creep in. How will I fill my child’s stocking and pay for enough food to feed the bellies of all my family and friends? If you have no savings or […]